Sweet Home Food Bar in downtown Tuscaloosa is back for another year of Bacon Brew and Que and it's bringing along two different items featuring their pecan-smoked bacon.

First up is the BLT salad is an item they serve on their menu each day, which is essentially a deconstructed twist on the BLT sandwich. The lettuce replaces the bread and they combine it with penne pasta, cherry tomatoes, and that house pecan-smoked bacon. It's a well-balanced dish with loads of flavor.

The second item they'll be brining is new in 2017 and not currently on the menu. The triple chocolate chip muffins topped with the bacon and glazed will surely attract a lot of attention this year.

Both items will be a part of the full range of sampling you'll be able to do at this weekend's Bacon Brew and Que at the Tuscaloosa River Market. Get your tickets and see the full list of food and beer at BaconBrewAndQue.com.

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