Warmer weather is right around the corner and that means more barbecues will be happening. More barbecue means more sauce, but who has the best? We're strictly talking white sauce.

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Since living in Alabama, I've learned about the magical deliciousness of the famous Alabama white sauce. Recently, my parents came to Alabama for a surprise visit and I told them all about it.


Back home in Florida, my dad is pretty much a certified grill master. Eating barbecue is like a family tradition. Most times when we ate barbecue, we'd use tomato-based sauces. Occasionally, when we felt like being fancy or doing something out of the ordinary, we'd use a mustard-based Carolina barbecue sauce.

It never occurred to us to try a mayonnaise-based sauce. It just sounds weird compared to what we're accustomed to.

I knew I had to get my family to try the sauce but I had to present it in a way where they would be open to trying it. We went to a local barbecue restaurant in town that had some of the best white sauce in the city in my opinion.

They absolutely loved it!

So much so that they went to the store and bought multiple bottles of white sauce made by different brands.

As a new white sauce connoisseur, I thought all white sauce was made equal. How wrong was I?!

I tried all of the white sauce brands they purchased and one was the automatic winner. It had the perfect blend of tang and spice. After trying those sauces, I wonder.....

Who makes the best white sauce in Alabama? Is it a restaurant? A store brand?

Let me know at DreDay@1051TheBlock.com because I'd like to try it myself to see. As an unofficial connoisseur, I think I'd know if the sauce is really a quality sauce or not.

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