One of Tuscaloosa's newest restaurants is coming to Bacon Brew and Que and bringing a taste of Philadelphia with them. 

Philly Boyz, which opened earlier this summer in the former Tut's location on the Strip, will put a unique spin on its chicken cheesesteak by adding bacon and barbecue for the event on August 26. This authentic Philly cheesesteak features freshly cut chicken with high-quality cheese on the most important ingredient, the roll.

Philly Boyz ships in its ingredients, including the famous Amoroso rolls, to provide a taste that competes with what you would find in the City of Brotherly Love. The quality of the bread stands out immediately when trying the sandwich for the first time. Something tells us this restaurant will become a pretty popular place during the football season as crowds stream down University Blvd.

Everyone at Bacon Brew and Que will get a chance to taste Philadelphia next Saturday. If you haven't picked up your tickets, visit

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