Not unexpectedly, Auburn fans are celebrating Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban's retirement in a traditional way. Iconic Toomer's Corner has been the spot Auburn fans have congregated to celebrate big wins since the 1960s. The trees at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and College Street are cattycorner from Toomer's Drugstore, the popular business that provides the name. They are covered in toilet paper tonight.

Late this afternoon after word began to break that legendary Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban is retiring, excited Tiger fans rushed to Toomer's Corner and hurled toilet paper into the trees to celebrate. Although the trees are not the same, it is the same spot where the War Eagle faithful celebrated "Punt Bama Punt" in 1972, and "Pick Six" in 2013 and other expected and unexpected wins over the decades.

The trees are new because the original Oak trees had to be replaced because they were poisoned by a rabid Alabama fan. That is how much of a part the Toomer's Corner trees play in the Alabama and Auburn rivalry.

AU fans also immediately took to social media to celebrate. Chandler Wooten on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote, "Oh Happy Day!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!". Anthony Swartz predicted, "It's our turn now." while a former coach, Guz Malzahn penned a congratulations, " It was a true honor to coach against you throughout the years. Enjoy your retirement!"

Auburn beat Nick Saban just five times in 17 Iron Bowl matchups and each rocked the state and college football world. Toomer's Corner each time saw throngs of Auburn fans and students bring roll after roll of toilet tissue and celebrate into the night victory over their hated and, if they would admit it, envied cross-state rival.

One does have to wonder if all these rolls on the Toomer's Corners tree are the ones that were destined for those limbs until "4th and 31" happened at the end of December's Iron Bowl.

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