When I saw the headline that Netflix had agreed to a deal with former President Barack Obama and his wife to develop and produce content for their network I barely paid attention until I then discovered some people are canceling their Netflix subscriptions because of it!  That one made me do a double take.

According to Fortune, after the deal was announced this week some Netflix users took to Twitter to complain and vow to cancel their subscriptions, and call on others to do the same.  Their complaint?  They could create content that is political.

Well it seems like there is plenty to watch that is political, on all sides of the issues.  Netflix has around 125 million subscribers.  The latest numbers I could find say that as of January 2016 Netflix had 5532 titles.  That number includes almost 1200 TV shows that each can have dozens of episodes..  That adds up to many thousands of programs.  Out of those I can find hundreds, even thousands, that I don't want to watch.   So I don't.

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