Another Bama wide receiver, Chadarius Townsend, entered the transfer portal today.  Townsend tweeted on June 09, 2020, "Thank you to the University of Alabama for giving me a chance to become a better version of myself.  Gonna miss my boys.  Hopefully we meet again.  I will be using my last 2 years of eligibility elsewhere.  Thank the man above."

Tyrell Shavers, a wide receiver who entered the transfer portal last week, announced yesterday that he is headed to Mississippi State University.  Don't ya know that Mike Leach is excited to get another Bama playbook...oops, I mean player.

What's going on?  Why are our wide receivers leaving?  Could it be that our freshman play is just that good?  Maybe the threat of being passed up by a freshman from California named Traeshon Holden is part of the reason.  Holden is 6'3" and 195 lbs., has an extra gear, good hands, and just makes it look easy.

The NCAA transfer portal has definitely changed the game.  According to BamaOnLine, "the NCAA’s transfer portal now allows collegiate student-athletes to merely enter their name into an online database and wait for collegiate teams to contact them.  It is also worth noting that players can withdraw their name from the portal, too."  I hate the fact that our players are taking our playbook to other teams.  However, I guess it will help level the playing field.  #RollTide  #WildBillShow



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