So how about we ring in the new year with some extra cash in our pockets? Is it possible you’re asking yourself…the answer is yes! For starters, there is no need to empty those coin jars onto your kitchen table.

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I understand parents have legos to put together and households full of family members and guests to feed.  So what exactly are we looking for? Pull out all those bills in your wallet, purse, pocket, or the kid's piggy banks! You could you have a dollar bill worth over $16,000 in your hands!

Win Cash
Win Cash

We are looking for solid serial numbers.  What does that mean? It’s an easy and quick search. No need for your glasses or magnifying glasses to spot.  Each bill has 2 matching serial numbers on the face of the bill.  What we need to find are numbers that are the same. Yes the numbers are all the same.

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So a bill that is all 2’s has a greater face value at auction than one that’s mismatched numbers.  Now, what if you find a bill that’s all 2’s with a 3 thrown into the mix? That’s still a valuable bill.

People believe 7’s are a lucky number so finding one with all 7’s will be your lucky ticket! Am I talking only about those dollar bills? No!

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Those fives, tens, and twenties can be worth more than face value also. Now if you are lucky enough to have anything bigger than a twenty in your wallet after Christmas, check that also!

I am not that lucky, Christmas was good for my family this year! So pull out those bills and look to see if you hold one that can help you ring in the new year a bit wealthier than expected.

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