The day Jase McClellan flipped from Oklahoma to Alabama, it was said that "the switch set off a firestorm of Internet hand-wringing in Oklahoma and righteous arrogance in Alabama," according to DFWVarsity.  McClellan had been committed to the Sooners for about two years, so his eleventh hour flip made many Bama fans shout, "take that Oklahoma...for stealing Jalen Hurts!"  Okay, maybe that was just me that shouted that, but still, it seemed to even the score in my mind.

Nick Saban has high praises for McClellan, as most college coaches around the country do, due to his explosive running abilities and wide receiver type hands.  Jase broke out as a freshman star at Aledo High School back in 2016, and he was touted as one of the best running backs in the state of Texas.  Jase McClellan had over 6,600 yards rushing and 122 touchdowns in his incredible high school career.  This overachiever has aspirations to become a heart surgeon.  Alabama is prepared to help Jase with his dreams, and the journey begins soon in Tuscaloosa. #RollTide #WildBillShow



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