There are towns all over The U.S. with some suggestive names. Towns like Spread Eagle, Wisconsin, Hooker, Oklahoma, & Threeway, Virginia. So, I decided top do a little research and see if I could find a few in Alabama....and I did! Here are just a few that I discovered.

1) Ballplay, Alabama. Ballplay is an unincorporated community in Etowah County. Legend has it, that it got it's name because Indians would play a ball game in that township,  in order to resolve disputes between tribes. Sounds innocent enough. But nowadays,, centuries later, Ballplay could be misconstrued as a different kind of activity.

2) Boar Tush, Alabama. Boar Tush is an unincorporated town in Winston County. I think I've passed through there before, but I'm not sure. I DO know that I DJ'd a Class Reunion in Winfield, Alabama one evening, at a restaurant called "The Boars Butt'. In fact, I STILL have a T-Shirt from there. I wonder if the two places are related? I do know that the food at The Boars Butt was FANTASTIC!

3) Smut Eye, Alabama. Smut Eye is an unincorporated community in Bullock County. The town allegedly got it's name because the men in town would spend all day socializing at the local blacksmith shop and return home covered in soot. Kind of a boring story when you think about it. Which is why I prefer to make up my own whenever I talk about passing through "Smut Eye".

There you have it. The Good News is, we're pretty tame when it comes to Suggestive City Names in this state, as compared to Pennsylvania. They have: Blue Balls, Big Beaver, Intercourse, & Climax, all in that state alone.

Maybe it's time for a roadtrip?....:-)

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