Alabama Peach Season Is Underway And I’m Here For It

In my opinion, summer is never complete unless you make a trip to Chilton County, Alabama, for some peaches.  Listen, I am already making my plans to head to Chilton County because I hear some peach pies and peach ice cream calling my name.  According to ABC 33 40, in which they reported from an interview with Taylor Hatchett from Boozer Farms, “Hatchett says because of the mild winter and spring, plus the recent temperatures, most growers she has talked to are harvesting 10 to 12 days ahead of schedule. Since they are ahead of schedule, they are into different varieties; she says from right now until the end, the season is perfect.”  This is music to my ears.  My mother’s side of the family was practically all farmers of some sort.  Growing up, we bought most of our fruits and vegetables from local farmers.   I like buying my fruits and vegetables from local farmers because, in my little way, I carry on the tradition of my mother and her family.   If you ever want to know what is in the season for Alabama, click here for the Alabama Farmers Market “In Season” guide.

According to Southern Living, here are the best peach finds for “Chilton County's Best.”

  • Best market for fresh peaches: Durbin Farms Market, (205) 755-1672.
  • Best fried peach pie: Peach Park, (205) 755-2065.
  • Best peach ice cream: Durbin Farms Market.
  • Best paint job by some guys from New Jersey: Clanton's water tower, Exit 212.

I am excited to report that I have visited these places and vouch on the fried peach pie from Peach Park and the peach ice cream from Durbin Farm Market.

(Source) For more from the Alabama Farmers Market, click here.  To read the story from ABC 33 40, click here.  For more from Southern Living, click here.

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