First his graduation was moved from May 29th to May 22nd when Jordan Mason's grandmother's condition worsened as a result of cancer. His Teachers at McAdory High responded quickly and moved the ceremony to Thursday, May 15.

Wednesday morning, the day before her grandson was scheduled to receive his diploma, Cathy Mason's breathing changed each one a struggle. Her weakened immune system struggled to fight off an infection. Her body began shutting down. The Hospice nurse called Mrs. Mason's family and close friends in.

Time was growing short.

Jordan's grandfather sent him a text asking him to come but be sure to wear a white shirt. He thought the request was for pictures but when he arrived, Jordan found his friends, teachers and principles waiting for him.

They were wearing graduation robes.

Standing beside his grandmother's bedside, Jordan received his high school diploma from Principle Tod Humphries and Vice-Principle Brent Shaw. He heard 'Good boy,' in a faint voice behind him.

A few hours later Cathy Mason drew her last, peaceful breath but not before seeing her grandson become a graduate.