Alabama fans are a proud bunch, and rightfully so. When you have as much success through the years as the Crimson Tide, there's plenty to celebrate. 

We all have different methods of showing our fandom, but Alabama fans have never shied away from a large tattoo. For a long time, this Bear Bryant back tattoo overshadowed anything else we've seen on the internet, but now there's some competition.

This picture taken at Talladega this weekend with a fan showing off his Nick Saban back tattoo next to a script 'A' and the list of national championship years.

You might have noticed that he hasn't even updated the tattoo to include 2015. Maybe that's what happens when you're winning so many championships. Or maybe he's waiting for the next one so that he only has to make one trip to the artist.

Either way, this man wins the award for biggest Alabama fan at Talladega this weekend.

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