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October 16th is National Boss’s Day. It’s a day to recognize your boss, show your appreciation and thankfulness.

According to National Day, the holiday started back in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski from Deerfield, Illinois “registered “National Boss’s Day” with the United States Chamber of Commerce. She selected October 16th because it was her father’s birthday, and at the time, he was also her employer.”

As a boss lady, it is super nice to feel appreciated. Today, I got the most thoughtful card, a gold star balloon, and a picturesque 2021 calendar. The message inside the card did make my eyes watery. Thank you @BigDawgDreDay

Even though I am a boss, I have bosses too. I appreciate them for their dedication to our stations and growth as a unit. As a boss, I understand that they carry heavy burdens as well.

Over the years, I have had my share of bosses. I’ve had some great bosses, some bad, and some that didn’t register with me. BUT! WAIT! This story is not all sunshine and hugs.

(In my Sophia from the Golden Girls Voice) Picture it! Pompano Beach, Florida. 1988. I was a phone operator for a red and blue pizza chain. My best friend helped me get the job. My dad would only let me work four hours a day. So, some weeks, I would do 12 hours a week. I was working to buy a fancy prom dress.

Everything was going well. Our store manager was excellent. I learned a lot about communication, marketing, and a favorite phrase, “keeping busy.” Everything came to a halt when that manager was transferred to another store.

Now, enters “WORST BOSS EVER.

Awesome manger was replaced by young guy that was a surfer type. He drove a red sports car (I don’t know why, but that all still bothers me to this day). Well, after only a few short days of being the manager. He cut my best friends' hours in half. And put us on different schedules. WHAT? I can’t work with my best friend. Then he cut my hours too. It didn’t bother me too much because I already made the money I needed for my prom dress.

He was rude, privileged, inconsiderate, and just a jerk. He would talk foul to the staff. In a degrading manner. He did it once with me and learned quickly that he “wasn’t my Daddy.”  Remember, I am 17 years old. But, I swore, I would never do that to anyone when I was a leader.

I got to work one day, and he hired two skinny chicks. They said phrases like “as if,” “gag me with a spoon,” and screamed “OMG” all the time. Surfer dude said I had to train them to answer the phones. [Insert my rolling eyes] They were skinny and clueless. Training them was a chore. However, I did it.

I worked for surfer dude for a few weeks. Suddenly, my BFF and I were on the schedule to work the weekend shift that we had been cut from. I found out that the Surfer dude manager and the two skinny phone operator chicks were going to a concert that night. That’s why we were on the schedule.


Surfer dude and the two skinny chicks worked the shift before ours on the day of the concert. The day of the show about 20 minutes before our shift started. We walked in. Hair Done. Makeup done. Dressed super-duper fly. Surfer dude eyes about popped out his head.

I walked in, “Heyyyyyyyy surfer dude, I quit, have fun at the show.” In my mind, I was far more dramatic. Then my BFF walks in and quits. He started talking about giving notice and how he had to go to the concert. We laughed all the way out of the store. I'm pretty sure I had a witty comeback too. I will call my BFF for verification.

Surfer dude and two skinny chicks didn’t get to go to the concert that night.

I was happy.

(Source) For more from National Day, click here.

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