In the spirit of Alabama playing Washington on Dec. 31st, 2016 in the Peach Bowl - I thought it would be fitting to bring up 'The Game That Changed the South.' With one win, Alabama changed the perception of college football in the South forever.

Alabama's 20-19 victory over Washington in the Rose Bowl in 1926 gave the Crimson Tide their first ever National Championship; it was also UA's first ever bowl game. At that time, southern college football was considered 'subpar' compared to football in the North, West and Midwest. Alabama's big win, coached by Wade Wallace, was a second half rally featuring the outstanding player of the game, Johnny Mack Brown. Alabama finished the season 10-0.

Bama was the first southern team to be invited to play in the Rose Bowl and has since proved that football is (pretty much) OWNED BY THE SOUTH! If I had to guess, this time Alabama plays Washington in the postseason ... it'll be a helluva lot more than a one point WIN! ROLL TIDE!

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