Yesterday evening I stepped out on our carport to feed the two cats we have. I have  talked about them before. Mama kitty and one lone survivor kitten. When I called them, the mama kitty came. There was no kitten.

I poured the warm cream in their bowl and went looking. In less than a minute, I found the little guy hiding by our stack of firewood. She was tangled up in a scrap piece of clear box tape. The scrap piece of tape must have come from the dishwasher box given to Brody by his uncle to play in.

I gently removed the tape with really no problem at all and there seemed to be no after effect as the kitten RAN to the food bowl. The good thing is the kitten wasn't tangled for long. I saw both cats playing with stray leaves scattered on the carport when I first went in the house about 20 minutes earlier.