There has been an ongoing legal battle over Alabama’s congressional district map. The former map that the Alabama State Legislature authorized was found to violate the Voters Rights Act standards. The Supreme Court ordered a map that created two black-majority districts or districts as close as possible.

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There were three proposed maps created by a Special Master who was appointed to the task of redrawing the districts after last month's ruling on the previous map. The Court decided on the third option, which has a percentage of 48.7% of the Black voting age population in the Second Congressional District and 51.9% of the Black voting age population in District 7.

Courtesy of Alabama Secretary of State Facebook
Courtesy of Alabama Secretary of State Facebook

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen released the following statement on the Secretary of State website: “The Office of the Secretary of State will facilitate the 2024 election cycle in accordance with the map the federal court has forced upon Alabama and ordered us to use.”

“It is important for all Alabamians to know that the legal portion of this process has not yet been completed," Allen continued.

"A full hearing on the redistricting issue will take place in the future and I trust Attorney General Marshall to represent Alabama through that process. In the meantime, I will keep our state’s elections safe, secure and transparent because that is what I was elected to do.”

The Alabama Democratic Party considers this a victory and released the following statement via their X account (formerly known as Twitter).

Attorney General Steve Marshall had a different view of today's decision and  expressed his thoughts on the court-ordered map that will be used in the 2024 Alabama elections.

The Alabama Republican Party released the following statement concerning the map that will be used for the 2024 Congressional elections:

"While we continue to have the utmost respect for the legal process, we are disappointed with the decision the District Court has reached. Of the three maps, the Court chose the map that is the most Democratic – not the map with the highest minority voting age population. We are hopeful Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall will continue with the appeal process. We believe Alabama's Congressional Districts should represent the communities of our state, and not be based on the liberal Democrat agenda or the color of people's skin."

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