There is something to be said about living the good life in small towns, especially southern small towns. There are many reasons like a slower pace, budget-friendly, close-knit community, traffic, and more. But, what about itsy bitsy sized towns? Is it the same feeling?

According to the United States Census Bureau, “the total population of Alabama in 2020 was 5,024,279.” Also, the population density in 2020 was 99.2 people per square mile.” The major cities in Alabama are Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa. But, what about the smaller cities that are packed with so much southern charm.

The smallest town in Alabama has an itsy bitsy-sized population. According to Atlas Alabama, “the town of McMullen is located in southern Pickens County in west-central Alabama. It has an encompassing a total area of only 0.1 square miles.”

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McMullen, Alabama is less than an hour away from Tuscaloosa it is the smallest incorporated town in the state. Apparently, the town at one point by the United States Census in 2010 had a population of over 60 people and has declined down due to a series of natural disasters. That’s unfortunate.

I’m excited to find out one of the smallest towns in the Yellowhammer state is in our listening coverage area for some of our Townsquare Media radio stations.

The latest World Population Review notes that with a “2020 population of 7, it is the 462nd largest city in Alabama the 19477th largest city in the United States. McMullen is currently declining at a rate of -12.50% annually and its population has decreased by -30.00% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 10 in 2010.”

One of those disasters happened on February 2, 2016, that is when an EF2 tornado hit McMullen which “destroyed 13 homes, including 10 mobile homes”, as reported by KOMO news. When you watch this video from StormChase TV, you will notice that this tornado is wide and huge.

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