I've worked in radio for almost 20 years. I feel safe in saying I have heard and/or used every radio industry specific word or phrase there is. My wife of nearly 7 years has learned most of these words or phrases by association. She used one particular word the other day while talking to her sister. The word "Break" - We had to stop and define.


I thought I'd list a few words that I have only ever heard used in the radio world and give my definition of them.

  1.  Break - A defined time in an hour where the DJ stops the music to talk. (Ex. "Hang on, I have to do a Break."
  2. Seg - Short for Segway. This can be defined as DJ chatter between two songs. (Ex. "He had a good Seg between Jamey Johnson and Florida Georgia Line") or can be defined as a transition between two different subjects being talked about on air.
  3. Top of the Hour(TOH)/Bottom of the Hour(BOH) - TOH is the time at the top of the clock and BOH is the time near the bottom of the clock.
  4. Spot- a radio commercial. (Ex. "Did you hear the car dealer's new spot?")
  5. Hit the Post - When a DJ is talking over the intro music of a song and stops talking just before the singer begins.

If you ever hear these words while listening to your Favorite DJ on 95.3 The Bear, now you know!



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