Men watch the Super Bowl for the football, women watch for the commercials, or they don't watch at all.  That's what some would like us to believe, and after Target got "targeted" for selling t-shirts leading up to the big game say 'rooting for the commercials' and 'let's touchdown a home run."

But more and more that stereotype is being proven wrong.  According to HelloGiggles, a new study from Ticketmaster and Fan Up! shows that women make up just under half of the NFL’s audience.  Here are 5 findings that show ladies love football just as much as men, if not more.

Female fans are committed to in-house morale.

The study found that 90% of female participants believe that being in the stadium cheering on their team can make a difference in the outcome of the game. Additionally, more women than men found the energy at a stadium to be more exciting than watching the game elsewhere.

Women have their own superstitions.

Much like some men won’t wash their lucky shirt for a whole season, the study found that 40% of women watching the NFL considered themselves to be superstitious. They’re also extra committed when it comes to their game-time attire, as they were twice as likely as men to say that an outfit could increase the energy inside the stadium. Seriously though, anything to bring in that win.

Women tend to stand by their team even in times of defeat.

The study showed that women are half as likely as men to miss a game because of a losing record. Additionally, women are more likely to go see their team even when the team has a losing record late in the season — because true loyalty has no time for the fair-weather fan.

Women are committed to a successful tailgate.

The pre-game tailgate is one of the most important aspects to the complete game day experience. If it’s not perfect, the whole synergy of the day is off…and that can lead to catastrophic results. Naturally, most women believe that a combination of the right food and the right people will bring the right energy to the stadium. That means you don’t have to invite Mike, the guy who likes to root for the other team just to spite everyone, to the next tailgate.

Women know how to bring the energy to a football game.

While male fans in the survey were committed to wearing a costume and dancing to secure a win, the women responding to the survey were willing to go the extra distance, going for a combination of cheering, costumes, dancing, and face paint to show their team some love.

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