Santa brought me a record player a couple years ago. I had a few old alums already that hadn't been played in years so I was excited. I have pick up a few more records lately and really enjoy the sound from the vinyl and the needle. 

record player 1

I like digital music. Its crystal clear and available on most any device. But, there's just something about the scratchy sound of a record. I had on Ray Charles last night. My TV was off and my cell phone was somewhere in the house and my family was sitting on the couch listening. In other words, no distractions. Just music. Here are my 5 reasons you should own a record player.

  1. You get to tell your kids about 'the old' days. Believe it or not, they will listen to those stories and even ask questions.
  2. You will sometimes find yourself in a record store or flea market digging for old records. - Nice way to pass some time.
  3. Conversation starter. Folks like to ask questions about your record player - especially if they don't have one.
  4. The sound. If you haven't heard Hank Williams on Vinyl, try it asap. It feels like the older music was meant to be listen to in analog.
  5. People that know you like records will give them as gifts!!



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