Diesel, 95.3 The Bear’s New Mascot!
Diesel is in-studio every morning at 953 The Bear.  He recently moved to Tuscaloosa and Wild Bill had a chance to sit down with him for an exclusive interview.  Lets learn more about Diesel and his role on the Steve Shannon Morning Show with Simone Eli...
Ed Ramsey’s Vertically-Striped Shirt
The name 'Ed Ramsey' is probably one your unfamiliar with but one doesn't need to actually know all that is Edward Eugene Ramsey. He's host of 'The Quiet Storm' on WTUG, Production Assistant and he has a mean closet.
A few of his mind-blowing shirts have made their appea…
I Watched ‘Man of Steel’ With Brad Paisley
Last night, Monk and I were invited to attend a private screening of 'Man of Steel' with Brad Paisley and his band after our Radio Meet & Greet was derailed. Evidently, Coach Saban wheeled into the back of the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater LIKE A BOSS and requested to speak with Paisley.…
The St. Jude Radiothon, Day 1: Monk’s Live Blog
Day one is complete. Monk wraps it up. (Video)
Not even 20 minutes into this hour and I've already broken down twice! This has been a crazy emotional day and I appreciate everyone who called and went online to become a Partner In Hope...
When Are You Too Old to Trick or Treat?
It's Halloween next Wednesday night, and as we get closer you can imagine all of the cute little Captain America, Disney Princess, Harry Potter and Angry Bird costumes standing at your doorstep.