Not even 20 minutes into this hour and I've already broken down twice! This has been a crazy emotional day and I appreciate everyone who called and went online to become a Partner In Hope. Trust me, your donation is much appreciated at St. Jude as well. Because of you, NO FAMILY EVER PAYS ST. JUDE FOR ANYTHING!
Everyone who becomes a PIH during the 5pm hour is in the drawing for this Eli Young Band guitar!

Happy hour is going great! I wanna check in downstairs and hear those phones ringing like last time. We're trying for 4 more Partners In Hope this hour and I think we can easily get those. Share this link please and let's do this!

I've been telling you about the CD John Rich put out benefitting St. Jude so I figured it was time to post a link to it. It's a great listen and supports them babies!

It's been a while since my last update but everything is going well. We have some online Partners In Hope now so keep those coming!! At 4pm today we are going to celebrate life as we break into happy hour!!! That means, we're going to celebrate the miracles of St. Jude. Please give a listen and call 800-303-1135.


Hey, I just wanted to hop on and let you know that EVERYONE who becomes a Partner In Hope over the course of this radiothon is qualified to win our 'St. Jude Star Guitar'! It's signed by Brantley Gilbert, Hunter Hayes, Cassadee Pope, Randy Owen, The Henningsens, Joanna Smith and more!

Happy to report I'm alive and well! It gets hard sometimes hearing these stories from the patients and parents but one thing I've learned over the years is that each of the stories, no matter the outcome, are filled with hope. I love St. Jude!
The phones are ringing more slowly than I'd like right now but it's kinda normal with everyone traveling, going to lunch and getting back to work. I have faith we'll reach our goal. I have faith we won't let down the kids of St. Jude!

Into our 5th hour and I think the beautiful babies of St. Jude are teaming up to give me my second wind. The office is crazy right now with all the volunteers in the phone bank, our St. Jude rep Chase running info around for us and of course, business goes on as usual in the building. For me, I'm trying to focus and fight this head cold/sinus mess as best as possible but this is two days of my life, I can do it!

Another hour is underway! The phones are ringing and we're celebrating everytime it does. We also took a call from Cara, an LSU fan call who become a Partner In Hope and she wanted to issue a challenge to Alabama fans! Now, look here, we can't let no aggrevating LSU Tiger get one up on us! She even had Mr. Jack in the phone room write "Geaux Tigers" on her slip. C'mon Bama fans! We don't want them to beat us on the football field and let's don't let them beat us now.


Hour three is now in full swing and the phones are ringing!!  Kimberly Madison became a Partner In Hope and is sporting her new t-shirt!

Hour two is almost done and this hour I broke down. Thank you Faith Hill and Brad Paisley!
Of all days, I woke up this morning with a head cold! I've been thinking about how bad I feel but trust me, it's not near as bad as how some of the sweet kids at St. Jude must feel. Please help us by posting this blog and let's get folks to become Partners In Hope. You can do that online by clicking here.

Hour one almost done. It's already been an emotional roller coaster but well worth it. I've set the goal this hour at 7 Partners In Hope by 7am. I have faith we'll get there. Please keep listening, telling your friends to listen and call. Cancer isn't ingnoring our children so we shouldn't ignore it.