It's Halloween next Wednesday night, and as we get closer you can imagine all of the cute little Captain America, Disney Princess, Harry Potter and Angry Bird costumes standing at your doorstep.

The children with wide eyes will be staring up at us with outstretched arms while holding onto plastic pumpkins full of candy.

Looking for more.

That's what Halloween is all about, especially if you're a parent, but what about the "older" kids?

You know the type -- the kids standing 6-foot-2 with goatees and pimples who show up in their "everyday" clothes holding a Walmart sack and expecting the same treats as smaller children.

Maybe they gave it a good shot and have a trickle of fake blood running from their mouths, looking like a zombie or something.

I stopped trick or treating when my mom said, "You're too old."

And we then went to family members' homes and got candy from grandmother Jones and aunt Jane.

I was 14 or so when I was asked to take my younger brother around the neighborhood for Halloween. I ripped an old T-shirt, grabbed some already-ripped jeans, gave myself some black around my eyes with my brother's face paint and hit the streets with him.

There was no way I was going to be the only kid in the house that night without a bag full of candy!

So, on Halloween night when those tall kids with the facial hair and blemishes hit my doorstep, I'll hand him or her candy, but not without giving them a sly comment such as, "Aren't you a little old?"

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