Remembering MacKenzie Nicole Adams
There is story in local news about a young girl, in the 4th grade named MacKenzie Nicole Adams.  MacKenzie was bullied in school last week, other kids were calling her mean names.  Have ever heard "stick and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me...
10 Chain Restaurants That Are Open On Christmas Day
After all the Christmas Shopping is finished, and all the presents have been unwrapped, you might find yourself a bit hungry. You also might find yourself a little tired to cook for everyone, or maybe you're like me and simply too lazy. Well, there's GOOD news...
Love Wins, A Song That Brings People Together
I really like Carrie's new song and it's today most request song of the day!
Carrie Underwood demonstrates she's not afraid to address bigger issues with "Love Wins," her second single from Cry Pretty.
The song begins, "Stray bullet and a mama cries / Her…

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