So, I’m all about emotional support animals. I’ve witnessed firsthand how therapy dogs work wonders. My mother suffered from dementia and the assisted living she was in would either have puppies or trained therapy dogs in for weekly visits. It was an instant mood lifter.

I’ve seen all types of pets and emotional support animals.  Most common are dogs and cats but really it’s any domesticated animal. Like rabbits, mini-pigs, ferrets, birds and the list goes on and on.

Bless their hearts, but I’ve even had someone claim a snake as a comforting pet. Not for me, but do you.

But, LISTENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN the list of odd emotional support animals gets weirder especially when they are considered HIGHLY DANGEROUS ANIMALS.


Not Me!


But I was wrong it doesn’t end with snakes. The new hot emotional support animal is what I would consider INSANE!

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I would like to introduce to you “WALLY – THE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT GATOR.”

Wally’s Dad said that Wally, “just refuses to bite. I think he thinks he is part human, I don’t even think he thinks he is a dog.”


They even ventured out to a local park in Philly! Just look at the random folks petting a GATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I'm just a scaredy cat. But, there is no way, I'm hugging up on nothing that has BIGGER TEETH THAN ME!

Apparently, Wally sleeps in the bed with these folks and is just a regular part of the family.

It's HARD NO for me.

However, I'm intrigued as well. Because this GATOR knows commands. Just watch.

Lord, even Wally is allowed on the furniture! Not in my house. No sir.

I don't know maybe Wally is growing on me. Even caught myself saying, "Oh Wally, he is kinda cute."

To follow Wally The Gator on Instagram, click here. 

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