I talked about my little girl Charlie having ear tubes put in a while back. (There's a cute video of her zonked out on meds in the post). We were instructed to use ear plugs when she takes a bath or splashed in the pool. We were struggling to keep the ear plugs in her ears. We found an answer to our problem.

We were using wax plugs. They were not easy to put in Charlie's ears and fell out.


I stopped by to see an audiologist the other day to ask for suggestion. Dr. Christie Burch told me about Doc's ear plugs. They are actually fitted for your child's ear and simply twist in. Plus, you can buy them for less than $20.

I did a little research on the Docs Pro Plug website. I never realized the importance of using earplugs while in the water.

Check out this info.

Otitis externa, (swimmers ear) is infection of the external ear from bacterial or fungi growth in the ear canal. This is caused by small drops of water that gets trapped within the canal and encourages bacteria to proliferate. As a result of frequent exposure, the skin thickens inside the ear and makes the canal narrower which can cause in eventual hearing loss.

We bought Charlie a set of pink ones. They come in several different colors.


Charlie will be using these from now own, even after her tubes fall out!




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