If you or your kids are on TikTok, more than likely you have seen the #waterdancechallenge which features the “Water” song by Tyla.

The dance movies are inspired by “clever choreography that picks up on the South African Bacardi dance challenge, which went viral online earlier this year. Bacardi involves intricate legwork, belly dancing, twerking, and more, set to amapiano music,” said TIME.

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Now even team mascots are getting in the water dance challenge and going viral. Ellie the Elephant who is the Official Mascot of the WNBA’s New York Liberty is on fire right now with the #waterdancechallenge

Big Al Where Yah At?????????????????????????????????????

As a Big Al fan, I’m hoping he jumps in on the challenge fun. As you know he already has great dance moves and believes in fun!

So, Big Al, why not join in the fun and make some waves with your water dance moves? I will supply the water!!!!!!!!

HOT TAKE: No one asked me but I think Ellie the Elephant is absolutely adorable and I think would be a perfect match for Big Al.

Getty | Big Ellie Liberty Instagram
Getty | Big Ellie Liberty Instagram

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