Ah, top of the day to you my friend. Eh, this is Wooly O' Shivers here ready for St. Patrick's Day! Yes lad, the one day of the year where we all share the luck of the Irish. But, don't steal my 'Lucky Charms.' Aye, aye. Pst, this is actually Greg Thomas and look what happened to me when I created my leprechaun name. Sure, the authentic dialect is pure awesomeness.

Well, let me share this incredible name generator. Then, you too will be ready to make the most of March 17th! Say your name is normally Amber Davidson, your leprechaun would be Sprinkles McMuffin. Now, c'mon, isn't that a much better way to spend the day? What if your name is Corey Getty? Scrap it, for the leprechaun name of... Fightin' O'Knuckles. Hey, who would mess with you? You'd probably be treated to a green beer, just so you don't mess with anyone.

Simply use this name generator and share your name below.

Leprechaun Name Chart

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