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On Saturday evening, I received a frantic text from my friend Erica about two loud booms heard in the vicinity of her home in Coker around 8:10 that evening. She described the sound as that similar to a 'grenade going off' that not only rattled the house but her children as well.

I called my brother Keith who also lives in Coker and he confirmed that he'd heard a loud boom as well. I could only find one Twitter user who referenced the boom and there were no indications of an earthquake on the USGS website. Judging by the conversation on Erica's page, she and Keith weren't the only ones:

Erica Thrasher/Facebook
Erica Thrasher/Facebook

A quick YouTube search revealed reports of mysterious booms heard all over the country. Most of the videos I researched on the topic seem a little conspiratorial-minded but I've included one below that references a newscast at the beginning.

Did you hear the boom? Do you know what happened?

UPDATE: Chief Wade with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Office said no reports were filed on the incident and no calls were received by dispatch.

A retired law enforcement official suggested a shooting target called Tannerite was most likely the culprit. When fired upon with a rifle, the substance can create a 'non-incendiary vapor cloud' with enough velocity to 'rattle the windows'.

A commenter on the Bear's Facebook page also suggested Tannerite, which can be purchased at some sporting goods stores, as the source.

I miss living in Coker.

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