There'a a chance that you've passed through this intersection a few times. I've passed through it probably a THOUSAND times, because it's part of my daily commute to work. The intersection is located at the corner of Skyland Boulevard. & Hargrove Road.

The empty lot is directly across the street from Tuscaloosa Hyundai. The land has been cleared, and the lot has been empty for quite some time now. A few years back, the rumor was that a Publix Grocery Store was going to be built there. However, that never came to fruition. In any event, something WILL be built there in the future. The question is, "What?" I have my Top 7 Suggestions of what should be built here NEXT .

7) Publix: This is what was originally said to be built in this lot. For whatever reason, that didn't happen. However, my "Greek Grapevine", (my network of sources and confidants who wish to remain anonymous), inform me that talk is heating up again about building a Publix at this location. A Publix on this side of town WOULD be welcomed by residents of the area like myself.

6) Costco: I LOVE Costco! So much so, that I make bi-monthly runs to the one in Hoover! I believe that a Costco would do HUGE BU$INE$$ in Tuscaloosa! We need one! Plus, their FREE Food Samples simply RULE!

5) Shoney's: There used to be TWO Shoney's in Tuscaloosa, now there are NONE. I was a huge fan of their "All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Bar", and "All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar". In fact, I read last night in this ARTICLE, that Shoney's was planning on building THREE new Shoney's in the greater Hunstville area. Why not Tuscaloosa??? In any event, it's TIME for Shoney's to make a return to Tuscaloosa again!

4) Denny's: Can you believe that it's been at least 20 years since we had a Denny's in Tuscaloosa? They are one of the Largest National Breakfast Food Franchises In America! Yet, we've been without one for around 20 YEARS!  How can anyone forget their Grand Slam Breakfast, or The Moons Over My Hammy, or The Grand SlamwichWe are way past due for a Denny's! And THIS location would be a PRIME spot to have one back in Tuscaloosa.

3) Go-Kart/Putt Putt/Arcade Facility: This is PRIME real estate to have an activity center which features fun for the whole family. When I vacationed out in Colorado a couple summers ago, we spent the day at a place called BOONDOCKS. This place had EVERYTHING! Bowling, Bumper Boats, Video Game Machines, Go-Karts, And Food! Check out their website HERE  Doesn't this look like FUN?! Could you imagine a place like BOONDOCKS in Tuscaloosa? I certainly could!

2) Dave & Buster's: This Restaurant would be a WONDERFUL addition to Tuscaloosa, and specifically, this part of town. The eastern part of Tuscaloosa does not have anything like this!  Dave & Buster's is a great venue for Fun, Food, Drink, & Games. It's sort of a Chuck E. Cheese for adults! Look at their website HERE Wouldn't you enjoy a place like Dave & Buster's in Tuscaloosa? I certainly would!

And 1) Drum Roll, Please......


Yes! Tuscaloosa could easily build The World's Largest LONG JOHN SILVER'S there! The fact that Tuscaloosa once had THREE Long John Silver's and now has NONE, is a social injustice of mass proportions! Tuscaloosa is suffering from what I call, "Fast Food Fish Deprivation!", every day that we go without a LONG JOHN SILVER'S! This is something that NEEDS to happen! And I will continue to be RELENTLESS, and CAMPAIGN and FIGHT for this cause!

So there you have it. My Top 7 Suggestions of what should be built at the vacant lot on the corner of Skyland Boulevard & Hargrove Road.

Should be interesting to see what ultimately gets built there.

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