Fall’s favorite icon is the pumpkin. There is even the whole “pumpkin spice” phenomenon. Seriously, nothing else compares. So, today, we celebrate this fall treasure with National Pumpkin Day.

There are tons of things you can do with pumpkins. The pumpkin donuts at Dunkin’ are so incredible. Put this donut on your fall to-do-list.

Listen to me! The pumpkin pie at Costco is beyond delicious. It tastes like someone’s Granny is in the bakery, whipping up the pies. I will drive from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham for this pie. [BTW, why don’t we have a Costco in West Alabama?]

For a quick dose of harvest, décor add in a pumpkin(s). Even plain pumpkins make for a beautiful, bountiful display. Tablescapes are always a great way to kick off the holiday décor.

A fun way to adorn the harvest season is with jack-o-lanterns. You can always freehand the carving, but a template makes for a ghoulish time! Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), they conjured up some fun for Halloween. They have provided seven free pumpkin carving templates that are educational too. Click here for the template pdf.

NOAA logo



Fish Skeleton



Ship & Aircraft

Be sure to snap a picture if you happen to carve a pumpkin using one of the NOAA templates. According to NOAA, you can post your picture and “tag NOAA Education in your pumpkin photos, and you’ll receive a free “Science is cool” sticker from us! You can find us @NOAAEducation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.”

(Source) For more from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, click here. For the NOAA free pumpkin carving templates, click here.

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