Have you noticed that that the fast-food drive-thrus in Tuscaloosa have been booming? That is great news for our West Alabama economy but listen; those lines are so long. Some restaurants have lines down the street. Why is this happening?

What is the obsession? Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, but every once in a while. Okay, let me be honest, more than once in a while. I don't feel like cooking, so the easy option is to hit a drive-thru right here in Tuscaloosa. Last night was that night for me.

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It was a crazy experience at the drive-thru. I almost got into a near head-on collision in the parking lot. The woman who almost caused the accident had a bunch to say. She used some very adult language. (Yes, I can read lips.)

How did the accident almost happen? The other driver wasn’t paying attention, and the parking lot was packed. She tried to go around, and surprise, my car was in the way. I shrugged it off and was thankful that I wasn’t in an accident.

One night, I literally was in the drive-thru for a pretty long time. I could have gone home and cooked the whole meal. But I didn’t and enjoyed my night off from cooking. Seriously, what’s up with it? I really want to know. Is no one cooking in Tuscaloosa?

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