A Tuscaloosa man serving a 35-year sentence on a murder charge, was stabbed to death at the Bibb Correctional Facility earlier today.

Jamie Witherspoon, 34, was fatally stabbed during an altercation in one of the prison's dorms with another inmate, said a spokesman for The Alabama Department of Corrections. Witherspoon was taken to the hospital and declared dead at 11:47am.

Justin Sanders, 28, is facing murder and attempted murder charges. Sanders is currently serving a 15-year sentence, on a 2016 second-degree robbery conviction that happened in Jefferson County.

In 2008, Witherspoon was sentenced to 70 years in prison, for the murder of his friend Eric Baggett and the robbery of a Raceway Convenience store in 2005. During the robbery, The Store Clerk pulled a gun from under the counter and killed Baggett. This case is especially noteworthy, because it was the first time that a suspect had been tried and convicted for the murder of an alleged accomplice.

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