I love Alabama football and I can't wait till fall.  The real question is, will the Tide be rolling come September and things are looking up for Alabama football fans.  The next question is, (as always it seems) WHO WILL BE QB-1 (starting quarterback)

Now there is a rumor that Dan Marino wants on more year in Miami and Tua will come back to Tuscaloosa.  The computer nerd that started that rumor wears a sweater vest like ole Gus at Auburn so that certainly lower credibility in my book. lol

Truth is, Miami Dolphin fans aren't happy with the thought of Tua wearing #13...cause "Marino is the goat!"  I grew up a Dan fan and love Duper and Clayton and Bama's Tony Nathan in the backfield but #13 never won a super bowl.  To be clear, Marino was good enough but lacked a supportive defense and running game.  Heck, on 3 and 1 Miami might not even have a running back in the formation.

Tua is a winner and he will win over the fans in Miami with his play on the field and his Godly works off the field as well.  #WildBillShow





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