"Donald Trump wears Alabama underwear every Wednesday night and it don't matter what time of year either" eagerly shouted Becky S from Cottondale Friday.  Ok, not sure about that but we do see more evidence from our President he just did enjoy his time spent here in Tuscaloosa. "Our normal is if you have 100,000 people in an Alabama football game, or 110,000 to be exact. We want 110,000 people there. We want every seat occupied. Normal is not going to be where you have a game with 50,000 people," said President Trump.

President Trump visited Byrant-Denny Stadium last season for the Alabama-LSU contest where an LSU fan coughed directly into my mouth and gave me "The Corndog Flu"...but thats another story for another day.  #WildBillShow

Wild Bill Show
Wild Bill Show

6 Coronavirus Myths

You Need to Stock Up on Supplies

There is no need to hoard groceries; in fact, both the CDC and FEMA strongly encourage you to only buy what you need.

The Coronavirus is Linked to 5G Technology

In addition to being 100% wrong, this myth is also just plain stupid--and dangerous. Conspiracy theorists have tried to link the two, and as a result, many cell phone towers have been set on fire.
Kids Can Still Have Playdates
As much as it may break your heart to see your child's being lonely, it's still not safe to have playdates. The CDC strongly encourages everyone to STAY HOME and practice social distancing when out and about.

You Can Catch the Virus from To-Go Containers

The CDC says takeout is perfectly safe; in fact, the novel Coronavirus is not able to live long on plastic and styrofoam containers
You Don't Need to Wear a Facemask
The CDC reversed its earlier guidelines on this and now strongly encourages you to wear a cloth mask that covers both your nose and mouth anytime you must leave your home
Any Kind of Hand Sanitizer Will Kill the Virus
ONLY hand sanitizers containing 60% alcohol (or more) can successfully kill COVID-19.


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