For their latest installment of the Covering Your Tracks series, the Young Fables are offering up their take on Charlie Worsham’s “Young to See,” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

The Young Fables' appreciation for Worsham’s music goes back a few years, to when TYF’s Laurel Wright shared a bill with the singer-songwriter at a show in Knoxville, Tenn. Wright describes Worsham’s performance as “one of the best live sets [I’ve] ever witnessed to date,” which made “Young to See” the perfect fit for the duo's series of covers of songs that they really, really love ... after its serendipitous discovery.

“Our manager, Patryk Larney of Hope Tree Entertainment, was out on a run when his iPod shuffled to Charlie's track “Young to See.” Immediately, he sent it to [bandmate] Wes [Lunsford] and I,” Wright recalls. “It’s remarkable how life works like that, circling things back to you. We all believed that Charlie’s tune would be a perfect fit for the CYT series.

"In fact," Wright adds with a laugh, "I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard. Does that make me a fan girl?”

Moreover, "Young to See" speaks to both Wright and Lunsford’s decision to leave their hometowns to pursue music.

“I moved away from home the day after my 19th birthday to pursue music full time. I was scared to death but riding the excitement of the dream,” Wright tells The Boot. “I’m positive that I speak for Wes as well when I say music is everything we ever wanted."

Worsham is poised to become an alt-country staple with the release of his sophomore album, titled Beginning of Things, which is set to drop on April 21.

A new installment of Covering Your Tracks will debut on The Boot on Feb. 22.

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