Seeing that we are less than two weeks away from Valentines Day, and romance is in the air, I thought that now would be a good time to compile a list of my 10 favorite places in Tuscaloosa to get your "LOVE" on!

On a public service note, if you do go to any one of these places to engage in public romance, I urge you to exercise some discretion and caution. In the words of the Late, Great, Casey Kasem....."On with the countdown!"

10) The Tuscaloosa Spillway. All of Lake Tuscaloosa could be considered a Romantic Hot Spot. But there's something about the sound of the SPLASHING, and the sound of the water GUSHING over The Dam. Kind of like the sound of GUSHING ROMANCE taking place among all The LOVERS who park at the Spillway! I call it, "The Niagra Falls Of Tuscaloosa County!"

9) The Sipsey River. Technically, I know this isn't in Tuscaloosa, but it's close enough to drive west on Hwy 82 for a few miles, to find some "alone" time with your Special Valentine. If you're adventurous, I strongly recommend Skinny Dipping in The Sipsey....Just be careful of the ALLIGATORS in there!

8) Woods & Water. Woods & Water has long been catered to "The Outdoorsman". However, the Parking Lot at Woods & Water could be considered to cater to the ROMANTIC outdoorsman! The scenic view from there is quite breathtaking, as it overlooks much of Tuscaloosa. As an added bonus, if you need a tent for a little privacy, you can always go INTO the store and buy one. Then, bring it out, and camp out on the Woods & Water hill, for a nice little weekend "Redneck Romantic Getaway!"

7) Vacant McFarland Mall.  At some point, the old McFarland Mall WILL turn into something else. But for the last 3 years, it's been an Eyesore! A shadow of it's former self! So, before it is developed into something NEW, NOW would be the perfect time for you, and your sweetie, to make some new "Romantic Memories". Heck, you could even park out in back where the old movie theaters used to be, and PRETEND that you're watching a movie. So, cuddle up, rest your head on each other's shoulders, and pass the popcorn, please....

6) Superskate. How many times did you and your Sweetie, partake in the "Couples Skate" portion of the evening back in the day? Well, NOW is the time to re-live those memories, which ignited the SPARK between you two in the first place! Therefore, go into your garage or closet right now, dig out those old roller skates, and get ready to turn up the HEAT in the Roller Rink, Baby!

5) The Bama Belle. Cruises are notorious for bringing out the ROMANCE in anyone. But maybe you can't afford a week out in The Caribbean right now. No worries! Simply book an afternoon or evening aboard The Bama Belle, and enjoy a scenic expedition as you float on down The Black Warrior River! And if that's not enough, just gaze into your Lover's Eyes while you're sailing, and play THIS tune in the background if you need a little extra "Romantic Enhancement"...


4) The Tuscaloosa Airport. Since I brought up sailing, how about we investigate another form of transportation as a "Romantic Outlet?" The Tuscaloosa Airport is perfect for Lovers who are looking to be alone with each other. There's plenty of land, plenty of seclusion, plus, you can set up a blanket, pack yourselves a little picnic basket, and watch the planes take off and land, as your own Romantic Escapades begin to take FLIGHT ...

3) Fantasyland. Are you looking for an extra "nudge" in the Romance Department? A night at Fantasyland, just might do the trick. You and Your Mate can browse the store, pick up what you need, and then, jump in your car, and find a secluded spot down HWY 82 to "EXPLORE". Always remember their jingle, "The Fun Begins At Fantasyland!" 

2) The Moon Winx Hotel. For decades, this ICONIC Hotel has been a "Lovers Getaway", and it STILL is! Whether you need a room for the entire weekend, or just for the hour, The Moon Winx Hotel aims to PLEASE! And that's what LOVE is really all about, isn't it?!

And Finally, Number 1) Bryant Denny Stadium. I can't be the only one who has wanted to "get busy" on the turf at Bryant Denny Stadium? Am I? Of course not! To me, nothing would be more ROMANTIC, than to be with my partner, with us loving on each other in one of the End Zones, while Eli Gold is screaming "TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA" in the background!....ROLL TIDE!


And there you have it! My Top 10 Places In Tuscaloosa To Get Your "Love" On! As I mentioned earlier, if you head to ANY of these spots, PLEASE exercise some discretion and caution.

And in closing, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! :-)

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