With all the road construction going on in Tuscaloosa, I've heard many folks understandably complain about how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B.

I always maintain that we're much better off than a major metropolitan area like Chicago, Illinois for instance, where my sisters tell me that their commute to work can sometimes take between 2-3 HOURS one way!  Personally, the WORST traffic I've ever experienced was when I was vacationing out in Los Angeles a year and a half ago. It is BUMPER to BUMPER not just during Rush Hour, but EVERY hour! I swear, I must've spent half of my vacation stuck in my rental car, on one of the LA Freeways!

So, when I saw THIS article on AL.COM earlier today titled, "25 Alabama Cities With The Longest Commutes", I naturally assumed that Tuscaloosa would be in the top 3 at the very least.  Well, according to THIS article, I am WRONG! In fact, Tuscaloosa is NO where on this list, nor is ANY town in in Tuscaloosa County! In any event, check out the Top 10 below.

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