The Steve Shannon Morning Show welcomed University of Alabama freshman Nick Ebel to the show today, and things got crazy FAST! Nick's made a name for himself as the "Bama Shaker Guy;" he's the one you see sporting a huge 'A' painted on his chest while wearing a skirt made of crimson and white pom-poms. Steve and I knew we had to get this superfan in the studio for an interview--but Steve had no idea how it was going to turn out!

After speaking with Nick about what inspired him to select his unique gameday costume, Steve decided it was time for a member of the show crew to get painted up. Intern Lena and I said NO THANKS, so it came down to a coin toss between Steve and Intern Michael Jordan... and Steve lost.

Steve and Nick, gumpin' in the 95.3 The Bear studio (Meg Summers/TSM)

Nick's friend Kristen painted Steve's chest LIVE on the air, and the result was hysterical. I'm so glad I captured this classic moment on video for all of y'all to see. Watch the videos below, and make sure you start your day with The Steve Shannon Morning Show--you never know what's going down next!