If you're bored with the buffet of smartphone apps out there, then you've just hit pay dirt.

I combed through hundreds of app suggestions posted by Reddit users to feature a few of the more unique ones.

What app do you have that should have made the list?

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    Send and receive pictures from random users all over the world.

    Available for iOS and  Android.

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    Fast Customer

    Stop waiting on hold long enough to develop bed sores when you call customer service. Let this app get annoyed and frustrated for you.

    Available in iOS and Android.

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    French Girls

    Strangers draw pictures of other stranger's selfies that suck and you return the favor.

    Is this much fun even LEGAL?

    Available for iOS.



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    Power Nap

    This app is designed to prevent you from entering REM so you can take a quick nap and wake up feeling refreshed.

    Available for iOS.

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    Space Team

    Push a bunch of buttons, yell at your friends and discharge clip-jawed Fluxtrunions at your whim. Just make sure you keep your spaceship flying.

    Available for iOS and Android.


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    Want to show someone a picture but don't want them swiping around and gettin' up in yo bidness?

    Sweep the leg, Johnny and shut them down with this app.

    Available for Android.


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    Sleep Talk Recorder

    Do you talk in your sleep? Do you wonder what you said? Maybe demons watch you sleep. No worries, you can find out what you or Satan's minions are talking about while you're asleep.

    Available for iOS and Android.

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    Stop doing today what you can put off until next week then when procrastination is no longer an option, you can use this app to help you focus on your task.

    Available in iOS.

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    Yik Yak

    Chat, share pics, and interact with the closest few hundred people nearby anonymously.

    Available on iOS and Android.


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    Poop Salary

    Why? Why NOT?

    If you wish to be a good steward of the company's money and give an account for doing 'other things' than your report, this is the app for you. Discover how much you're being paid to address last night's entree from Taco Bell.

    Available for Android.

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