A teenager drowned this past Saturday after falling from a pontoon boat in Ski Lake. The teenager was later identified as 14 year-old Madison Reed.

According to Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit commander Capt. Gary Hood, Reed had been on the boat with friends and one of her friends’ parents.

Hood told reporters, “Witnesses reported the victim was sitting on the front of the boat, letting her feet drag under the water while the boat was in motion. Witnesses reported that she fell off and went under the boat. Two witnesses on the boat jumped into the water to attempt to help, but could not locate her body.” said Hood.

Lake View Mayor Paul Calhoun told reporters that, every on- and off-duty Lake View police officer responded to the call and donned SCUBA gear to search the lake. Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office and Tuscaloosa  Fire and Rescue dive teams assisted in the search and recovery. Calhoun also stated that, "her father arrived from Oneonta, and asked them to please keep searching until they found her. I’m so thankful we found her tonight. I didn’t want to send that family home with no answers.”

The rescue crews extended their search into the night, and were subsequently able to locate the victim.

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