Taylor Swift's latest studio offering is already flying off of digital and literal shelves all over the world, but that doesn't mean the 'Begin Again' hitmaker is done promoting 'Red.' On Tuesday, Swift graced the ears of a national audience when she took over Times Square in New York City to play a few selections from her new album on 'Good Morning America.'

No, you aren't experiencing deja vu. Swift did just appear on 'GMA' yesterday morning, where she gave an interview about her new album on the day of its release. But today... today was about the music.

The award-winning 22-year-old singer gave a 12-minute performance, which included 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' and 'Red' from the new album, plus her favorite old standby, 'Love Story.' Previously, Swift has made appearances to promote 'Red' while dressed in crimson dresses, shirts, pants and leggings. Today, however, she was ready to mix it up. The country crossover star wore a simple black outfit to highlight her signature red lipstick and sparkly red microphone.

Naturally, Swift kicked off the performance with the first single from 'Red.' The crowd stood shoulder to shoulder as they eagerly sang along to every word of 'WANEGBT.' From there, she launched into 'Red' and gave the audience a huge treat when she jammed out on a red electric guitar. As if fans weren't excited enough, they practically lost their heads when Swift closed out the set with 'Love Story.'

In her 'GMA' interview on 'Red' release day, Swift promised that no matter how many albums she releases, 'Love Story' and 'Story of Us' will always have a place on her setlist. She also proudly announced that 'Red' has already sold a whopping 4 million song downloads. Sounds like another record-breaker is in the works for Ms. Swift!

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