Singer Joanna Smith became the girl she talks about in her song 'Gettin' Married' over the weekend when she wed long-time boyfriend Tripp Eldridge in a small ceremony.

Along with legally changing her name, the singer has professionally changed her name to Jo Eldridge.

In 2010, she signed to a contract with Columbia Records Nashville who released her debut single, 'Gettin' Married' as well as the follow ups 'Georgia Mud' and 'We Can't Be Friends.' Then after restructuring, the label moved her to BNA Records. Soon after, when BNA Records closed, Smith was again moved to RCA Records where she released 'Girls Are Crazy.'

It's been a wild ride for this country girl from Crestview Unincorporated, Georgia but she has never stopped singing, playing gigs or given up on the music and her goal to be a country singer. Now with a new name and fresh start on life, she's ready to shake up the music industry again! Let us be the first to wish Jo Eldridge the best of luck!

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