After much speculation the 2021 SEC Tournament is scheduled to be played. The tournament still will be played in Nashville, Tennessee. We now know capacity will be between 20 and 25 percent.

John Rothstein posted a tweet late Friday evening stating the update on the tournament.

The struggle of having sports season has been different for every team. The chance to compete for a conference championship is something every young athlete dreams of. Alabama has not won the SEC Tournament in almost 20 years.

Off to an extremely good start to the season, Alabama has hopes to win the regular season SEC Championship. The opportunity to do one step better than that still remains and awaits them in Nashville.

2002 was also the last time Alabama won the SEC regular season championship. Many SEC games still remain for the Crimson Tide, but first place with a few game lead certainly is something to be happy about for Nate Oats' squad.

The capacity being at 20-25 percent during the SEC Tournament is around what most schools have been allowing in the SEC. Alabama has had around 20 percent capacity all season, so the Tide has slowly gotten used to the limited crowd.

Will this small crowd help or hinder a team like the Tide during this upcoming conference tournament? A team like Alabama who plays up and down at a fast pace may benefit from the lack of opposing fans. However they may also struggle to gain momentum without their fellow Crimson Tide supporters.

To have an opportunity to win the tournament is truly special, and every SEC fan should be thrilled the people behind it all are pulling it off.

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