New York-based singer-songwriter Roger Street Friedman is premiering the music video for his song “Everyday” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Like many of Friedman's songs, “Everyday” came about as the artist was picking around on his guitar, a red cutaway capo placed on the fourth fret to produce “a really nice, open sound.”

“As I was strumming, the words 'I’m alright … most of the time' popped into my head, and I kind of blocked out the chorus and came up with the chord pattern for the verses,” Friedman tells The Boot. “It all stopped there for a while, until I was out riding my bicycle one morning, and the bridge popped into my consciousness.”

The verses for "Everyday" came later, when Friedman began working on his sophomore effort, Shoot the Moon, on which the song appears. The tune's accompanying video was shot in Friedman's hometown of Sea Cliff, N.Y., and conceptualized by director Laura Crosta.

“She really dug the optimistic and upbeat vibe of the song, and she had a pretty strong vision right from the start,” Friedman explains. “It’s interesting, in that when I first read the treatment, I really wasn’t sure it would capture the meaning of the song, but in the process of talking it through with Laura, I started to understand her vision, and when I got to see the final version, I was really floored by how well it captures the mood and intention of the track.”

At 54 years old, Friedman is an unlikely newcomer to the music scene: After spending years as a career man, raising two kids and experiencing the loss of his father, he decided in 2004 that he needed to pursue his life-long dream of making and performing music. That decision led to his critically acclaimed debut album, The Waiting Sky, and in the years since, Friedman has toured with Los Lobos and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Shoot the Moon is available for purchase via iTunes.

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