I remember candy cigarettes when I was a kid. They had a red tip and the word "cigarettes" was actually on the package. I thought these went away a long, long time ago. I was wrong.

These candies were not a big deal when they were introduced back in the 1930's. Folks were not savvy to the heath issues caused by smoking. In the 50's, things started to get real. The powers that be started putting pressure on the companies making the chalky candy.

There was a bill introduced in the 70's to ban the sale of candy cigarettes. It didn't pass but soon the word "cigarettes" was removed from the packaging and replaced with "sticks". I   stumbled on a pack of the candy in a Tuscaloosa store the other day. I was surprised. It wasn't a big deal when I was a kid but I couldn't imagine my kids rockin a pack today. You can read more about the history of the controversial candy here.


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