One of the harder parts of the COVID-19 induced quarantine is the struggle with loneliness.

Residents in assisted living centers across the nation have been unable to venture out or see loved ones for well over a month.

While we know this is an act of love, it doesn't make it any easier for them or their families.

When my friend Mindy reached out to me and asked if my family and I would be able to take some of our ranch animals to visit a local assisted living home, I immediately said yes.

Mindy knew that the residents and staff at Casper, Wyoming's Garden Square could use a little bit of extra happy, and thought perhaps a surprise show and tell would be exactly what they needed.

If you look at the pictures I think you'll agree.

PHOTOS: Family Brings Ranch Animals to Visit Residents of Assisted Living Center

I can tell you that there were tears on both sides of the windows when we did this.

And I don't know whose smiles were bigger, the kids or the residents as we walked up to window after window.

HeiHei the chicken was the biggest hit with the residents followed closely by Poncho the Christmas Mule.

Zip (the blue heeler) was a bit too excited to do his tricks for them, but he was happy to say "hi" and smile.

"Lottie" is my daughter's horse and while she was mostly interested in eating the delicious grass, she took the time to walk up and neigh at everyone.

A big thank you to the fabulous staff at Garden Square who took the time to walk us by each resident's room, let us know their names so we could great them individually, and for letting us come by and visit.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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