Boy, what a day.

So, yesterday, I was just driving back to Tuscaloosa from Birmingham, and at around the 90 mile marker, (by Mercedes), a state trooper pulls right BEHIND me and ON go his FLASHING LIGHTS. Just what I needed, right?

I immediately pull over, take out my drivers license, roll down the window, and have everything ready for the officer as he walks up to my car. As soon as he gets up to my window, I wipe the sweat off my forehead, and hand him my license. He then looks at me, and says, "LOUIE LINGUINI?", and I say, "Yes, Sir?"

He says, "It's an HONOR to meet you, can I have your AUTOGRAPH?"

I say, "ABSOLUTELY, SIR!" I'm thinking to myself, "Whew, what a RELIEF!" So, as I start fumbling around the passenger seat, looking for a pen and paper, I begin engaging this nice state trooper in a bit of small chat. We talk about radio, my guitars, Alabama football, & Cubs baseball. I mean, we're just shooting the breeze, having a really NICE conversation for close to 10 minutes long.

Toward the end of our lovely chat, I finally say to him, "Look Sir, I apologize, but I can't seem to find anything to WRITE with, or WRITE on, looks like I'll have to give you an AUTOGRAPH the next time you see me". He then says to me, "No problem, Mr. Linguini, here's MY pen. Just SIGN your name by the "X" at the bottom of this SPEEDING TICKET....." #Theystillremember  #Whosaysicantgetarrested  #Radiodjlivesmatter

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