I was driving early this morning on McFarland Boulevard, (just south of Skyland), after stopping at Mickey D's to grab breakfast, (an Egg White Delight McMuffin because I'm trying to watch my beach figure these days), when I noticed the sign to the left of me. It's a Ramada sign which is just behind the PNC bank. The sign grabbed my attention because it's BENT. 

As soon as I saw it my mind started racing with thoughts of, "If it falls across McFarland it could possibly hurt a motorist"...."If it falls straight ahead it could injury someone inside of the PNC"....or even worse yet, "If it falls diagonally it might take out the TACO BELL!"  

Now, maybe the sign still appears to be structurally sound, and there is no cause for any immediate concern. However, I am a huge fan of Taco Bell and I don't want some bent sign to take it out.

So, if any of the powers that be have a chance to at least take a LOOK at this bent Ramada sign, I would appreciate it. Because in the words of Gidget, The Chihuahua in the old Taco Bell TV Commercials, "YO QUIERO TACO BELL!"

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