Ok everybody, time for a little bit of rant. Anybody notice that in Tuscaloosa people just love to drive over the speed limit?

Now don't worry I'm not calling people out because I've driven over the speed limit multiple times, heck sometimes it just happens. What is a bit unforgivable is when we when leave the roadways and enter parking lots.

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I've noticed a troubling thing these past few days where the speeding continues into areas where multiple people congregate. Like for example, the other day I was grabbing some lunch and people were zipping by me while I was trying to pull out of the parking spot!

First, I had what I like to call "Prime Real Estate" or in layman's terms, an excellent parking spot up for grabs. Also my car was low to the ground, and trying to get out of the spot was a hassle already. Everybody hustling all over the place wasn't helping the situation. But there's more of a point to this than sounding like an old man yelling at clouds.

What makes me nervous is the people not in cars trying to get from point a to point b. Sometimes either driver or person crossing might be not be paying attention. That's when things could get dangerous.

So we have to do a better job of going slow in parking areas. Also let's be real, Tuscaloosa needs more parking spots anyway. Maybe this can start some type of movement to get more spots in the city of champions. Because let's face it, we need for football season!

Be smart and safe everybody!

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